Off the Record, Friday 9th February: Bronze Age Catacomb Cultural and Historical Community


We are very pleased to welcome Kateryna Minakova (Dnipro University of Humanities) to give an ‘Off the Record’ World Archaeology Section seminar. A lecture about Bronze Age Catacomb Cultural and Historical Community – what do we know about it and what secrets are not discovered yet.

Would you replace the head of your dead relative with a goat’s skull? Nothing strange if you grow up in the catacomb culture! 

The Catacomb culture (c. 2800–2200 BC) is a group of related cultures in the early Bronze Age, occupying essentially what is present-day eastern Ukraine and southern Russia.

The culture applied cord-imprinted decorations to its pottery and shows a profuse use of the polished battle axe, providing a link to the Corded Ware culture in the West. Parallels with the Afanasevo culture, including artificial cranial deformations, provide a link to the East. It was preceded by the Yamna culture. The Catacomb culture in the Pontic steppe was succeeded in the west by the Multi-cordoned ware culture from the 22nd century BC, and the Srubna culture from the 17th century BC onwards.

All welcome!


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