The temple of Ptah at Memphis in the Saite-Persian era: landscape, sanctuaries, people


Coming up this Friday the 27th October a talk by Nenad Marković. His talk will focus on elite priestly families of Memphis during the late Saite and the beginning of the Persian era (570-486 BCE) and their interrelations. His research also includes prosopography of Lower Egypt during the Saite-Persian and Ptolemaic Periods (664–30 BCE), the religious and socio-political history of Saite-Persian, Ptolemaic, and Roman Egypt (664 BCE–395 CE), as well as high priests of Ptah (c. 2700 BCE–c. 232 CE), the cult of the divine Apis bull (c. 3100 BCE–362 CE), and royal and non-royal women of Saite-Persian Egypt.


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