Off the Record – Friday 16th June


Beyond the comfort zone: challenging the colonial and neo-colonial in contemporary Nile valley archaeology – Claudia Näser

OtR poster image C Naeser

Tourists in the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, photograph: Pieter Collet

The next ‘Off the Record’ lunchtime seminar will be given by Claudia Näser on Friday 16th June at 12.30pm in room 410.

Claudia Näser currently is a Teaching Fellow in Egyptian Archaeology at IoA. She has been doing  fieldwork in Egypt and Sudan for over two decades. In her Off the Record talk Claudia will examine colonial legacies and neo-colonial constellations which permeate present-day practices of archae­ology in the Nile valley. Drawing from a case study on sex tourism which she conducted in the World Heritage Site of Luxor and from wider research in that field, she will investigate whether and how these challenges can be met. Her talk will consider archaeological fieldwork situations as well as institutional contexts in national heritage administration. Outlining the trajectories of, and insights from, her own projects Claudia will put new approaches to ethical and sustainable professional practice for discussion.

All welcome!


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