Off the Record – TRACER project

The first ‘Off the Record’ lunchtime seminar of 2017 took place yesterday, and it gave those who attended the opportunity to hear about the TRACER project from Gersande Eschenbrenner-Diemer, who has recently joined the Institute. The TRACER project is titled from an acronym of ‘Tree Roots: an analytical ‘culture’ of economy and religion’, with the case study of Egypt 2050-1550 BC, and is a Marie Curie Fellowship.

The project involves learning from the objects themselves to give insights into the historical context; identifying the wood types used, for example, to explore the choices of craftspeople and the trade networks that supplied them. Gersande also shared her previous research on wooden objects of this period, which included the use of 3D imaging to explore makers’ techniques, leading to the identification of workshops.


Gersande confirmed that a website will be created which will enable us to follow the progress of this fascinating project over the next two years.

Further ‘Off the Record’ seminars for this term are to be confirmed.

Call for seminar/newsletter contributions

If any section members would like to contribute to this term’s lunchtime seminars, or have news or events to include in the next World Archaeology newsletter, please email me (


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