Off the Record – Autumn Term 2016

Many thanks to Rhiannon Comeau, who stepped in to deliver the final Off the Record lunchtime seminar this term. Her talk on Gathering Power: landscape and authority in pre-Conquest West Wales gave a summary of her research project exploring outdoor places of assembly in early medieval Wales. Rhiannon detailed the challenges of both the archaeological and documentary sources relating to early medieval Wales, and explored a model for identifying and interpreting Welsh assembly sites by bringing together a broad range of evidence, including place names and seasonal fairs. This gives new insights into social space and power in this region and enables the assembly sites of Wales to be understood within a wider North European context.


For more details about one of the sites mentioned, please see Rhiannon’s article in Medieval Archaeology:

Comeau, R. 2014: Bayvil in Cemais: An early medieval assembly site in south-west Wales? Medieval Archaeology 58, 270-284

Call for seminar/newsletter contributions

Thank you to all this term’s Off the Record speakers. If any section members would like to contribute to next term’s lunchtime seminars, or have news or events to include in the next World Archaeology newsletter, please email me (

Next term Off the Record will start with Gersande Eschenbrenner-Diemer, ‘From the workshop to the grave: an analysis of woodcraft as societal “tracer” in Ancient Egypt during the Middle Bronze Age’. Presentation of the TRACER project (Marie Curie Fellowship). Thursday 12th January 12-1pm, room TBC.



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