Off the Record

Thank you to Kris Lockyear for his fascinating tour of Verulamium today, now revealed in detail thanks to his collaborative project with Hertfordshire heritage groups which has carried out a huge amount of survey work over the last three and a half years.  The work of volunteers has generated 12,900,400 readings over 64.5 hectares of the largest Roman town in Britain which is not underneath a modern town.  As well as revealing the extent and various development zones of the Roman town, the latest results suggest interesting areas for future exploration, including tracing the route of an aqueduct to its water source.  Hopefully Kris will return to update us at another OtR in future as the investigations and interpretation progresses!


In the meantime, for anyone who missed the seminar, and for future updates, do check out Kris’s blog, Sensing the Iron Age and Roman Past: Geophysics and the Landscape of Hertfordshire.

Next week at the same time Stuart Brookes will be talking about Interpreting Rock-Cut Grave Cemeteries: the early medieval burial site and enclosure of São Gens, Portugal.  Hope to see you there!



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