Off the Record – 20th October


We’re pleased to announce that the first Off the Record lunchtime seminar this term will be given by Rob Briggs, talking about Rethinking -ingas: post-Roman social groups, place-names and archaeology in South-East England. 


Thursday 20th October 12-1pm in Room 209

All welcome, and please feel free to bring your lunch!

More Off the Record seminars will be announced soon.

Call for more Off the Record seminar contributors

We’re looking for more people from the World Archaeology section to contribute to Off the Record lunchtime seminars. There is no set theme or format and it would be great to have a mix of contributions from postgraduate students and staff.  If you are interested, or have an idea for a themed series, please email

In particular, if you would like to give a short update on this summer’s fieldwork, please get in touch.



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