Could Modern Civilisation Collapse?


Peter Wadhams (University of Cambridge) will give a seminar at the Institute of Archaeology Today –  23rd November

The main objective of Prof Wadham’s presentation is to discuss the magnitude, rhythm and scale of current global warming and climate change considering the environmental processes that are taking place in the Arctic Region.

Several scenarios of global warming during this century will be discussed and the possible impacts on human society and civilization. The talk will attempt to establish some linkages between the current climatic situation and some cases of climate change in the archaeological past. Potentialities and limits of social and technological resilience of human societies will also be discussed.

Relevant archaeological questions will be raised such as:

  • Which could be the importance of ecological factors on the development of human society during the current century: Beyond the classical archaeological discussion between ecological determinism and social agency?
  • How can we compare the role of climate change on societies in the archaeological past with current situation?
  • Measuring the possible impacts of “climate shock”: Are we living in an “archaeological society”?

The event is sponsored by the World Archaeology Section at the Institute. Any enquiries may be directed to organisers Miguel Fuentes and Jose Oliver.


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